THE Build, Build, Build (BBB) Program under the administration of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, not only build roads, bridges, and other public infrastructure to spur economic development but also provided employment opportunities to the Filipino people amid the Covid 19 pandemic.

Secretary Mark A. Villar announced that 1,013 engineer positions coterminous with BBB Program were filled-up nationwide with 634 male and 379 female.

“These newly-regularized men and women personnel, mostly employed in the Department as contract of service or job order staff for few years, and the rest of our employees and officials are the backbone of the success of our BBB Program”, Villar said.

Under the BBB Program, hired were 108 additional work force in the DPWH National Capital Region and its nine (9) District Engineering Offices (DEOs); 153 in Region 3; 126 in Region 4-A; 162 each in Region 5 and Region 6; 54 in Region 7; 123 in Region 8; and 125 in Region 10.

“With adequate and competent manpower, we will be able to deliver more projects on time, and in strict adherence to our design standards,” added Villar.

Also regularized and now enjoying the security and benefits of permanent employees are a total of 253 individuals previously hired under contract of service in the Central Office.

“These job order staff – some have even rendered service for as long as seven (7) years – are all well-deserving and competent personnel who are helping us achieve our country’s Golden Age of Infrastructure,” Villar explained.

According to him, out of the 253 newly-permanent employees in the DPWH Central Office, 139 now hold the position of Engineer II, complemented by 22 new Administrative Aide; 22 Administrative Officers; 14 Heavy Equipment Operators; eight (8) Administrative Assistants; and seven (7) Draftsmen.

Others hold the permanent positions of Engineer III, Attorney, Architect, Legal Assistants Economist, Computer Programmer, Community Affairs Officer, Geologist, Cartographer, Accountant, Chemist and Engineering Assistant among others.

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