SHARON CUNETA is once again ready for her close-ups in her new movie oddly entitled “Revirginized.”

The new film is her first project with her former mother studio, Viva Films after 18 years.

Cuneta was warmly welcomed Sunday night in the film’s story conference by the Viva staff on the eve of her shoot in Subic, Olongapo City, where a choir serenaded her with her hit songs, “Sana’y Wala Nang Wakas” and “Bituing Walang Ningning.

The actress, who did her last Viva movie, “Walang Kapalit” in 2003, wore a shirt emblazoned with the words “I AM Strong, Hopeful, Amazing, Blessed…” at the virtual event with showbiz media.

“I cannot feign excitement! I am really excited and happy to do this movie!” she exclaimed.

Cuneta was joined by co-star Rosanna Roces and writer-director Darryl Yap who said that working with the megastar is a dream come true for him.

Cuneta will portray a lady who will discover her awakening after many years of solitude. Roces will portray a pivotal role in the shift of Cuneta’s character.

The megastar broke into laughter saying she has finally fulfilled her dream to do a sexy movie. Asked if she will be uneasy about an anticipated sexy scene with co-star Marco Gumabao, she retorted, “Kahit kanino handa ako! Marami akong hidden talent. Baka si Marco pa ang magulat sa akin kapag ako ang maghubad!”

Cuneta said she is mighty proud of “Revirginized” which opens a new chapter for her as an actress.

“Manang ang character ko, walang buhay, maagang naging ina, umiikot lang sa kanyang anak pero at some point mamumulat ang mga mata niya, “ she related to ABS-CBN News.

The role, which may also have skin-baring, also fell into her lap at a time she lost considerable weight, a fact reflected in her social media posts.

“I’ll be happy if I want to inspire other women in their 40s, 50s or 60s,” she said.

Cuneta also talked about the respect accorded her by Yap who is more known for the controversial themes of his movies like “Tililing” and “Jowable”.

“I also give him my respect. I’m really just a follower on the set, I made that clear to him that megastar is just a title but once you’re on the set, there has to be no star complex,” she said.

Yap, whose mother is a Sharonian, was still unbelieving as he faced Cuneta for the first time since their virtual meetings and chat the past weeks.

“Viva management told me ‘you will be close to the star, the megastar,” he related, citing the rapport and goodwill in their exchanges .

“What she gives me is not heat or burn, it’s warmth that is overpowering.”

Cuneta will also star opposite Albert Martinez and comebacking actress Cristina Gonzales in “Revirginized”. They will shoot the highlights of the film this March in Subic.

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